Human Rights Research Paper and Reflection
North Korea Human Rights

Link: HRP Paper


Before I wrote the research paper, I knew a little bit about North Korea but not to the depth I know now. This piece of writing shows all the research I have done over the course of over a month. In the past, I have done similar writing pieces, but none were ever this length. In middle school, I wrote a paper about the Earth’s rotation and what would happen if it suddenly stopped rotating. This paper about North Korea is a lot longer and has a lot more research and information put into it.

Some goals I had for this paper was to finish it early and not procrastinate about it like a lot of my friends were doing. I spent a day over the weekend drafting it and then a couple days over the week including in class time to finalize the final draft. I also wanted to have a lot of sources from the internet to get the best possible information to make sure the article is as accurate as possible. This contrasts with the censored articles the North Koreans have access to. Compared to my friends, a lot of them didn’t do it until the night before and I think that their products were probably not as polished as mine, because they were in a hurry to finish it up before going to sleep.

Written by Oscar Bjorkman on 26 May 2016