Legacy of Imperialism
The long term impacts of Imperialism

The Legacy of Imperialism

Article Link - Reuters



The source relates to the Imperialism effects we have been learning about in India. We had a debate about whether or not Imperialism helped or hurt India more. This article writes about the longer lasting effects of British Imperialism on India. It shows a new perspective, because Reuters is a British news company, which may be biased towards the British people.

New Knowledge:

English is the number one language in India, and may not have been if the British hadn’t come to imperialize. Several firms within India have reached out to other countries, creating software to help them learn English too. The British gave India the notion of law, a parliamentary democracy, and constitutional government, an organized civil service, police force, military, and the legal system. All the key institutions were brought about to India by the British. Laws created by the British when they imperialize India haven’t changed much since. The most damaging legacy, is that the government setup by the British was not to run a 1 billion people country, but a relatively small colony.

Written by Oscar Bjorkman on 18 March 2016