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North Korea Brutality

Article Link - CNN


This CNN article describes North Korea and how criminals, rebels, and foreign nationals are tortured in horrible conditions. 8 torture methods are described, including solitary confinement in a 1 meter by 1.2 meter box, holding a set position until exhaustion, and beatings until vomiting blood. The article calls out North Korea for their human rights violations and wants them to face international criminal court. Up to now, only a warning has been given by the UN and no action has been taken in court due to China and Russia resisting such action.

Human Rights Impact

The human rights violations described impact practically all of the 30 human rights we have. The torture methods wear you down to the bare bones and you are always on the brink of death. No where near adequate food is provided. The humans rights are virtually nonexistent in these torture chambers. The prisoners have no say or due process in court. Most countries look down upon North Korea’s leadership due to them ignoring human rights of their prisoners.

Future Actions to Improve Human Rights

Governments have already called North Korea out on their horrible human rights laws and how they treat their people. Their ruler hasn’t responded at all and hasn’t tried to improve the conditions of the people of North Korea. We need to take Kim Jong Un to international court about these human rights violations. Meanwhile, we can help the people of North Korea by supporting humanitarian organizations working in North Korea.

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Written by Oscar Bjorkman on 07 January 2016