Fall Semester Reflection
A reflection on a piece of work from the fall

Epic Rap Battle of History Reflection

Link - Video

Backward Looking

In the past I have done several movies for a variety of subjects like science and history. In 7th grade, I did a movie about our solar system and how it affects humans and animals on Earth. Comparing it to the rap battle I made this fall, it was not as good. The rap battle had both a movie and a homemade music track, while the science video only had video. I have gotten a lot better at using music mixing software since 7th grade to be able to make this rap battle sound pretty good. In 8th grade history, I made a video using flashcards and I would quickly flash them in front of the screen to make a flipbook style video. It was not very good since everything was very shaky, and the voice recording was very bad. The rap battle that my group and I made had very good sound quality because we recorded with good microphones. The music was also mixed with better software and I have gotten better at it since 8th grade.

Forward Looking

The rap battle that I made with my group could be improved in several ways. I think the music of the video should’ve been done as a parody of one song instead of having each of us rap it out. Using a parody would make the music flow better and we could use autotune to make our voices sound amazing. Also, I think our video could be improved. Instead of having large blocks of text on the screen for the reader to view, we could somehow display the text as the music advanced to make it more natural and easier to get the information. As well as improving the video, I think our group could add subtitles to the video so that the listener can hear our voices better since we aren’t that great singers. Finally, the communication outside of school about the project wasn’t very good, so I think we could’ve gotten more done if we had decided to get each other’s numbers. This would have allowed us to set up meetings outside of class time to work on the project and make it even better.

Written by Oscar Bjorkman on 16 December 2015